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Shively chiropractor, Dr. Mehdi Ghayoumi, or Dr. G, has a simple goal for all his patients: to get healthy and have the best results as quickly as possible. At Alliance Chiropractic, we know that keeping our health is invaluable. We’ll help you to regain optimal health and educate you on the many benefits chiropractic care can give to your life.

Convenient, Same-day Appointments

Dr. G offers over two decades of expertise to benefit our patients. We want you to feel welcomed and know you’re important to us. Our team will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. The latest technology and equipment is used to provide you with the highest quality health care. A wide range of techniques and services are available to you.

To make your care even simpler, you can start by scheduling an appointment for the same day you contact us!

Auto Accident and Injury Care

We’re here to relieve chronic or acute pain for all ages, including those who have been in car accidents. You may feel okay after a small auto accident or trauma, but in reality, you can feel the effects of an accident for years afterward. Chiropractors are unique in that they’re the only health care professionals trained to detect and correct misalignments in your spine. We’ll help you make a full recovery!

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