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Spinal Decompression Helped Me

In October 2006, I slipped and fell on a wet driveway. Later, I experienced severe pain in my neck, down my left arm and into my hand. Which has also left my little finger numb and ring finger with a tingling sensation.

After several adjustments the pain was minimal but I still had problems with my fingers on my left hand. An M.R.I was done and it showed bulging disks in my neck. Dr. Ghayoumi told me about decompression treatment which I tried. After several treatments the tingling went away, and even the numbness in my little finger!

Today, I have full use of my fingers without pain and I am pain free in my neck and back. I feel that with the adjustments and decompression therapy I made the right decision to get pain free. With what I went through, I’m sure that this treatment will help other patients for the relief they are looking for.

Mike W.

My Lower Back Pain is Gone

In December 2006, I was nearly immobile, due to my low back pain. My daughter and wife were both patients of Dr. Ghayoumi’s and I decided to come in and see if he could cure all of my lower back pain.

I began coming in and getting adjusted, getting electrotherapy, hydro therapy, and lower back manipulations.

Dr. Ghayoumi has really helped me a lot. I am now pain free, and my lower back never hurts. I have renewed all physical mobility.

Wayne E.

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